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New Site

If you've visited before, you'll notice that things have changed on this site.

It's good to freshen up the site every so often. But this change represents a change in my philosophy. In not too distant times it has been the case that sites with visual effects and long long pages have been the style. But, in my opinion, that's in conflict with how people use the increasing number of devices they can access a website on. My old site did that.

For the new one I'm focusing on simplicity and on short, readable, pages. Simplifying also enables optimisation for performance. It's perhaps a bit oversimplified currently as there's some features I've yet to add, but I like this direction. I'm trying to get as close as possible to 100% on Pagespeed Insights scores as much as possible:

Realistically it's not always going to be possible to get 100%, but the initial results of a more careful approach to website designs is looking promising.

Another cause of the change is that as a hobby I've started working on a little combined web server and CMS hobby project. I like to call it the world's fastest CMS. The goal of that is to maximise performance on minimal hardware. By shifting sites onto that I not only get better performance but I can reduce my hosting costs.