Kinzo Cooling Mist Spray Fan Monitor Mount

Given the incoming extra hot wather, today, I bought a Kinzo Cooling Mist Spray Fan from the Action (a store in the Netherlands that sells a variety of odds and ends). It came with a stand for putting it on flat surfaces and you can take it out and hold it. One of the good things about the fan is that the batteries are rechargeable. It had no instructions but it turns out that you can also run it off USB power, seemingly indefinitely.

It seems to work pretty well, which is great – but whilst running it on USB I’d rather mount the fan on the monitor so that it points towards my face rather than on my desk pointing to my arm. So I used Fusion 360 to create a mount to printer on my Creality Ender 3 3D printer.

This is a fairly simple design. Whilst the base that comes with the fan has a round hole to place the fan in (allowing you to rotate it to direction), the actual fan has a dodecadon shape. So one notable difference is I used the dodecadon shape to hold the fan still in the holder – this prevents the fan rotating with weight or pressure from the cable, for example, as you always want it pointing forward. The holder then hooks over the top of the monitor. The dimensions for the hook are measured from my monitor, so there is 18mm from front to back and then a 5mm drop on the part that hooks over (as my monitor has quite a narrow bezel).

Different monitors may require some adjustments, but here are the files to print your own.

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