Davinci Resolve/Fusion Installer Creator

Davinci Resolve and Fusion are highly customisable – from Transitions, to Titles, to Macros, to Fuses. But finding the right folders to copy files to is difficult for end users. Often I see people distributing things like Davinci Resolve Transitions with complicated installation instructions.

So this tool is different. Drag and Drop this lua file into the Fusion Console or the Fusion tab on Davinci Resolve and a window will pop up. This will allow you to select files from the various folders and package them up.

The output itself is a drag and drop lua file. i.e. you can put one or more items in it (such as multiple transitions) and it outputs a single file that you can give to end users. The end user can thus simply drag it into the Fusion Console or the Fusion tab in Resolve and it installs all the things you choose quickly and easily.

Download it here.

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