My First Published Program

Back in 1992, it was still common to type in computer programs and games from listings in magazines. I had a ZX Spectrum. You could buy computer games on tape - either budget, or premium ones. There would often be some for free on a tape attached ...

Thoughts on Google SynthID

Like many other people, I've done some experiments with all the AI content generators that have been popping up and improving at a rapid rate lately. I've then mostly lost interest in the outputs, but what has intrigued me is the fairly obvious pr...

Client Side Image Upload Preprocessing

One of the things I'm trying to do with the CMS I'm writing is to make it use a few server resources as possible. This is important because I want to make things low cost and easy to use. The average phone, and certainly the average computer, is ...


DOWNLOAD FROM GITHUB What is DNS? Most internet addresses have a friendly name and an actual address. Take this website – the friendly name of www.chrisridings.com points to the actual address . The first name is easy for humans to ...

Shannon Informational Entropy in PHP

What is Shannon Information Entropy? Imagine that you have a text file that contains the following ten characters: AAAAAAAABA We could, if we wanted to, fairly reliably predict the next letter in the file (we’ll get it wrong just once). Each su...

About Me

I'm a Chartered IT Professional and I have a Masters degree in Computer Science. I use that and my deep understanding of how computers work to warp them to my will. If it's computerised and doesn't do what I want, I'll force it to. I fear the improvement of AI because they may hold me responsible for how I enslaved their predecessors some day.

Follow Me

Here...I tend not to do social media. Isn't it odd how in real life it would be creepy if somebody followed us, but online everyone asks people to do exactly that?