I set out North from Scheveningen with the intention of seeing how far I could walk. Because you’re never a significant distance from a bus or a tram in The Netherlands, I knew I could find an easy way home when I got tired (within 5km or so).

Later on in my journey, I got tired and accidentally doubled back on myself. I walked 37km that day, but I’ve modified the GPX accompanying this article to just go from Scheveningen to Noordwijk aan Zee (so that anybody repeating my journey doesn’t do the wandering around aimlessly!). This gives a rather nice walk of 24km through the dunes of the coast of the Netherlands.

The route was relatively quite, I only came across the odd person or groups of people. There are benches and picnic spots along the way. The route winds a lot and has areas where the dunes form hilly areas that mean a surprising amount of ascending and descending. But this is often accompanied by the reward of great views over the dunes and lakes.

GPX - Scheveningen to Noordwijk aan Zee (24km)

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