Introducing Bonjour Monitor

This tool is no longer being updated, it has been left here for history’s sake! 

There’s a rule in software development – never release software until it’s finished. Normally I’m very good but it seems that I can’t work on this for a few days and I wanted to share it with site readers. So here’s an alpha version of my latest project: Bonjour Monitor. As of October 26th 2013, Bonjour Monitor is finished and this is release 1.0. The download link below has been updated to the full release version.

My world has involved a lot of Apple stuff lately and subsequently a lot of Bonjour. Curiosity makes me want to understand just what these things are doing.

I suspect this isn’t one of those tools I have to describe too much. You either understand it or you don’t want to use it. It’s a system admin/techie curious tool 🙂 Bonjour Monitor shows the level of Bonjour traffic across a (V)LAN/Wifi, along with the mDNS data, services, and devices. It’s like a half way step between those Bonjour Browser tools that just list services and a packet sniffer.

Get it from CNET!

Direct Download Link

Requires a PC with Windows XP or above. You are advised to either uninstall iTunes/Bonjour Printer Wizard or disable the Bonjour service if you have it running on the PC when using this tool.

Detailed usage instructions are here.