Free Image Link WordPress Plugin

Whilst looking around the internet I came across this script that allows you to configure images so that they come up with an embed style code box when images are right clicked. The principle being that this includes a link to your site (as the source). I found it a very smart idea indeed.

The page I had followed a link form to find it also made mention of a WordPress plugin. I’d opened that as I thought it’d be great to just include it as a plugin in WordPress and I’m all set to go. Alas, the plugin was no more. I found another one that involved setting the class on images, but I didn’t like that idea as I’d rather go for simplicity of use.

So I made my own. This plugin essentially embeds the script given in the link previously into every page and then scans for all images on the page to set them up to use it. I’m making this plugin available for others to use on their sites if they wish.

Download the plugin here.

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