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I’m becoming a bit of a fan of GNU Social. Although one of the first things I found that I couldn’t do is automatically show my posts from WordPress in my GNU Social account. I use plugins to do this quite a lot on twitter as it saves me a lot of time and work – no need to visit twitter to post about the content I just posted! GNU Social has an API built in, so it turns out that it is a fairly trivial job to make a plugin for this. So here’s the result of a whole 10 minutes effort.

This plugin will send the title and link to your GNU Social account when you create a new post on your wordpress blog. Simples!

Download the zip here.

Go to Plugins, Add New, upload the zip and follow the instructions.

Go to the New GNU Social Settings entry on the menu of the left of the admin dashboard.

Fill in the Server URL, your username, and password

A consequence of me knocking this plugin out in 10 minutes is that there’s no error checking. You only have to fill these in once but fill them in carefully. If you find the plugin isn’t working then come back to the section and double check them! The url should be the URL of the GNU Social instance with / on the end. e.g. if you’re using smalltexts then it’s . The username is your username as it is (no need for @), e.g. I’m: chris . Password is your password!

Just the basics, no frills, no added extras. I might add extras if there’s demand. If you make improvements to the plugin then please let me know so that I can update the file here if they’re good!

Note this plugin uses php-curl. Most servers seem to have it.

6 comments on “Free GNU Social WordPress Plugin”

  1. Manuel says:

    Nice to see we both have been working on wordpress plugin development in order to integrate GNU social and WordPress. We have developed a wordpress plugin for using GNU social as a comment system

    1. Chris says:

      Awesome. Nice idea.

  2. Hey, nice one :). Looking forward to test this. It really costs a whole lot of time if you want to share your link across all major networks, it’s tiresome.
    Are you planning to host your plugin to github or something similar? It might get more popular and attract other devolpers who might add options like setting a certain titel or hashtags for posts etc. Also, would oAuth be possible?

    1. Chris says:

      I’m just getting familiar with Github, so I’ve uploaded it. Link is now available on the righthand side of this site.

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