How Many Airplay Devices can an iPad Support?

I had been told this but never proved it for myself. This post is broken up into two parts. First I’m going to give you the answer to how many airplay devices the iPad can support and what happens after that, then I’m going to explain how I proved this to myself! The Answer The […]


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Wurdz – My New Game

My first ever game – Wurdz – is now available on the apple app store. Being my first game I picked something not too challenging programming wise – a word puzzle game. Still it is surprising how much work and testing goes into even a simple game. Wurdz took one week of development time to […]


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Send To PC

GOAL The strange thing about the iPad/iPhone is how difficult it is to get files off it on to your PC. In fact, you’re pretty much forced to use itunes and a cable. But that isn’t a very satisfactory solution and flexible solution in the modern, wifi connected, world. Even the introduction of Airdrop to […]


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