CastSniffer – The Chromecast Broadcast Message Sniffer

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7 Responses

  1. Motti says:

    hey im trying to access the program via cmd and im getting an error …
    Error: Unable to access jarfile CastSniffer.jar… what did i do wrong?

  2. C says:

    No docs about what you have discovered? no source ?

    • Chris says:

      Hi. By the word “discovered” I presume you mean protocol/connection specs. No, I take the view that if Google wanted the information freely available then they’d have made it so. It would be lovely if they did so, but it’s not really my place to go doing that for them. The same with “source”.

  3. Fred says:

    Does not work with mine for some reason. firm ver :22062. I enter the correct cast name. Then nothing happen no error or connection . Only this:

    A Chromecast broadcast sniffer by Chris Ridings


    • Chris says:

      It’s basically waiting to discover the device details. If it’s hung there then it’s not getting them for some reason. The devices need to be on the same network. If they are then a couple of people using Piccastr (elsewhere on my site) have a similar problem. I think it’s either a third party bit of software (firewall) causing it or it might be to do with multiple network cards on the computer (e.g. wireless and wired. You can try disabling all but the wireless test).

      If you can’t get it working, I’ll hopefully be looking at this again soon and producing an updated version. I now have code that won’t need java – which I suspect will help a lot!

  4. Fred says:

    I disable other network card even if they were not connecting to any network. Working now.
    Thanks for the infos.

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