Amsterdam Marathon 2012

In 2012, I ran my first marathon in Amsterdam. Being in the Netherlands, it’s a flat course that’s good for beginners. Sometimes, though, the lack of hills is replaced by an abundance of wind. Running a marathon teaches you that you are capable of more than you expect to be able to do.

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New York Photos

New York is the furthest I have, at the time of writing, ever travelled for a holiday. I spent 4 days taking in the sights and sounds of New York.

The Binnenhof

The binnenhof is the old, political, center of The Hague. It has an interesting combination of old buildings, with newer skyscrapers visible behind it.

The Hague China Town

The Hague has a small China Town in the center. In this video I walked from the station to the center of The Hague to take a quick look at China Town.

Scheveningen Time Lapse

Just behind Scheveningen beach, there’s a casino and a small cinema complex. As this is all on a relatively busy road, this makes for a great opportunity for a nighttime time lapse.

The Hague Town Center

In this video I walk through the station and to the edge of the main center of The Hague. I used this footage to test different styles of editing, here I was going for a more cinematic look.

Scheveningen Beach and Pier

Scheveningen beach is the main beach in The Hague. I’m lucky to be able to walk there within 10 minutes and spend a lot of time walking along this beautiful beach. The beach around the pier gets busy in tourist season, or simply on summer days. This was an unexpected sunny day in spring!

The Hague Central Station Area

This is a quick video around the station area in The Hague. This mostly ended up being slow motion footage of trams. I guess I must like trams!

Shannon Informational Entropy in PHP

Shannon information entropy attempts to predict the smallest possible average size of lossless encoding of data. This is useful when writing compression software as it provides a target estimate to which we can attempt to compress a file without losing any of the information contained inside it when it is subsequently decompressed.

Cast V2 in PHP

Cast V2 is the protocol used in communications with Chromecast dongles and Google Home’s. It is not an open protocol, but as it is built into things like Chrome it is possible to reverse engineer how it works. Creating a library makes it easy to control these devices with PHP.