Monumental – WordPress Theme

Like the theme used on this site? This is the home of the Monumental Lite (Free) Theme and the premium theme “Monumental Pro”. Get it for your own wordpress site. Just a few clicks and a simple installation could have your site showing your video in it’s full web glory. Full screen, beautiful, and centre stage. […]


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Listlyke – The WordPress List Curation Theme

“List” style sites are popular these days. I had the idea that WordPress would be a nice platform to run one. Over the past few months I’ve been working on a theme that turns WordPress into a list curation site. You can see what the results look like on http://lists.ninja I’ve decided not to hog […]


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Free Image Link WordPress Plugin

Whilst looking around the internet I came across this script that allows you to configure images so that they come up with an embed style code box when images are right clicked. The principle being that this includes a link to your site (as the source). I found it a very smart idea indeed. The page […]


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Free GNU Social WordPress Plugin

I’m becoming a bit of a fan of GNU Social. Although one of the first things I found that I couldn’t do is automatically show my posts from WordPress in my GNU Social account. I use plugins to do this quite a lot on twitter as it saves me a lot of time and work […]


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Chris’ Chromecast Console

Following on from Piccastr, I’ve been working on a Windows implementation of a Chromecast tool. Chris’ Chromecast Console is what I’ve come up with. It’s the result of a lot of work translating the program to work simply on Windows. But I don’t suppose you want to hear much about that, so let’s detail what […]


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CastSniffer – The Chromecast Broadcast Message Sniffer

CastSniffer is a chromecast sniffer. It connects to your chromecast and listens for broadcast messages. It’s capable of feeding back information on any broadcast messages the device sends. So when apps are launched it can give you detailed information about the apps. When it sees an app launched it connects and also echos any messages […]


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Show Pictures on a Laptop or Desktop on Chromecast

You’ve got friends and family round and you just want to show photos from your laptop or desktop computer on your Chromecast as a little slideshow. Piccastr is for you. Piccastr is a simple little program that runs on a desktop computer and casts a folder of pictures to your Chromecast. Piccastr is written in […]


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Bypassing the passcode in Airserver

This problem I’ve known about for a while, I reported it on March 9th. As it’s been fixed(ish) – I’m writing about it now.  First I’m going to talk about the original issue, then I’m going to talk about why it still exists to a degree – even with the fix. Airserver has a feature […]


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4oD ….. um….really

I felt bad…what with just picking on BBC iPlayer over the weekend. So I figured I’d redress the balance by picking on the 4od app too 4oD provide a nice little player app. They state: “Due to Channel 4’s agreements with content owners, we aren’t able to support jail broken devices.” Nice to see them […]


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Wow, I’m on BBC iPlayer :)

Trust what you see on your iPhone/iPad BBC iPlayer app? Think again. This post is about how I put myself on BBC iPlayer (and no – I didn’t Adobe Photoshop the image). So first things first: this attack requires that the attacker has a privileged position within the stream of data between your iPad and […]


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